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OVI-DUI Laws in Strongsville, Ohio

Strongsville’s OVI-DUI laws are serious.  If you have been charged with a Strongsville DUI, contact the Strongsville DUI Lawyers at Stiefvater Law, LLC immediately for a free consultation. 216-867-0429 (office) or 440-376-9732 (24hr. help-line).  Time is not on your side - act now!

Strongsville OVI-DUI Penalties

A charge of OVI-DUI is, at a minimum, classified as Strongsville’s most serious misdemeanor (1st degree).  Some drunk driving charges are classified as a felony.  If you are convicted of drunk driving in Strongsville – even if it is your first offense – there is a MANDATORY MINIMUM jail sentence of 3 days (up to 180 days), a MANDATORY MINIMUM license suspension of 6 months, fines that can exceed $1,000, and 6 points on your license (this can easily double the cost of your insurance).  An OVI-DUI conviction will remain on your record forever.  It cannot be expunged or sealed.  DUI penalties increase each time you are convicted.  Call Strongsville DUI Lawyer Robert Stiefvater or click for an explanation of the DUI penalties in Strongsville, Ohio.

Administrative License Suspension

If you have been charged with an OVI-DUI in Strongsville, then your license is already under an administrative license suspension.  You have a LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME in which to appeal this suspension – if you do not appeal this suspension it can remain active even if you eventually beat your Strongsville DUI.  Contact a Strongsville DUI Lawyer at Stiefvater Law, LLC or click for more information about your administrative license suspension.

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